At Zinier, one of my key responsibilities is to develop features for various devices including website, tablet, iOS/Android mobile – below an example (for website platform) for our event log feature.
Event log was used to show the task history, if the task was created, modified, status was updated, and the reason when the task was rejected – for the ticket manager to take any necessary action. This event log side panel is also accessible from the task overview (screen beneath) as an icon. 
For this project, I had an opportunity to explore few design approach below.
First option (above) has a better visual approach due to its graphical element and clarity on timeline on the left. However when it comes to displaying few content which fall on the same date category, the layout may look a little more confusing, hence I kept on exploring...
Grouped by only dates while showing the time on the right column seems to solve the problem. However this option leaves a little unclear and inconsistent subheader eg: coordinator vs status).
I tried another and got rid of the small thumbnails. Technically it is much easier to implement by the engineers as well. Although it is missing the time.
No thumbnails ( I realised it may not be relevant anyway, consistent subtitle (it has also the benefit of not putting too much emphasize on the time), and easier implementation. Finally we all agreed with this final version.
In addition, I also explored few icon designs to best represent an event log. 
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