Recently, I took a CareerFoundry’s UI Design Course, an online school for UX/UI Design, Web & Mobile Development. Technically, this course is broken up into 6 achievements and at the end of nearly every achievement, we need to submit a student project. 
Reason why I enrolled in this course is mainly because I’m interested to learn much deeper of the topic and also – as much as I love to learn on my own (independently)/from current work – just thought it would be more beneficial to have a more structured course as a support. 
Below my second project. The main objective is to develop our own mobile app (based on the selective choice). In the beginning, we require to do some research and analyze similar apps for the heuristics and design principles. We then look for a few design UI pattern to use, developing the user flow, followed by creating a set of wireframe and style (color, iconography, typography) to use.
The reason why I wanted to design my dream to-do-list app is mainly because it is essential to keep everyone productive/be more efficient on their day to day job/personal matters. I personally have been using multiple tools (in different devices) due to different functionalities needed both for my personal and work related – however I find this way could be overwhelming and feel there is room for improvement. 
So thought would be good idea to have a seamless, aesthetically pleasing and cohesive single to-do-list app to enable everyone focus more on the things we are supposed to do.
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