Salesforce Brand Campaign Awareness (Australia)

art direction  / creative development
Salesforce’s unaided awareness score in Australia is pretty low and most of the addressable market cannot recall the Salesforce brand. So in 2015, we developed a set of brand campaign creatives with aim to increase aided & unaided awareness in Australia. This includes out-of-home advertisement, microsite, and digital advertising ideas such as YouTube pre-roll, GDN & Retargeting flash banners, SEM brand text ads, social display & text ads, real time bidding platform (programmatic media buy), online media, and rich/takeovers ads.

The idea around “Unfair Advantage” was inspired by the local notion of tall poppy syndrome in Australia, and copywriting to align more with our own voice and tone.

In 2016, the campaign continued, this time of year we were aligning Salesforce values around leadership / innovation and purchase consideration messages that are persona based – more tangible approach about our brand. My responsibility includes leading the brainstorming process and content structure proposed for the campaign early this year.

This year, we are doing it again, more relevant content / media exposure. Keep a look out and bookmark this site below:
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