At Zinier, one of my key responsibilities is to develop features for various devices including website, tablet, iOS/Android mobile – below an example (for both Android mobile and tablet) for our task cancellation feature.
Task cancellation was designed to allow field technician cancel the task and provide the reason back to the ticket manager (whose responsibilities are to assign and approve the task, once they are completed). However I also needed to ensure the technician is still able to cancel the action, provided they didn’t do this on purpose or have changed their mind in between the flow.​​​​​​​
While working on this, I realised the size of keyboard on tablet hides the “submit” and “cancel” button, potentially confusing the user as what to do next. In this case, the “return” key on keyboard could be used to submit or else the user can hide the keyboard before they submit the reason. ​​​​​​​
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